Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions that relate to Master Control's Woodshop. If you don’t find an answer to your question below, please contact us and we’ll do our best to answer you in a prompt manner.

I am trying to order but my address is giving an error of "No shipping address".  What can I do?

Every once in a while a customer forgets to check the box to have shipping and billing the same, this is normally the problem.  If you checked that box and it still does not work, in rare cases the server doe not recognize your address.  Just email Master Control at master4control@gmail.com and he will create a draft order from what you attempted to order, and most likely will use PayPal Shipping, and send you an invoice to pay with your credit card. We are here to try to make your experience as smooth as possible, even when it is beyond our control.

If I buy a Product from the store, when will it be delivered?

Every wooden product in the Master Control's Woodshop Store is made by hand and at times made to order. We ship these items within one week of receiving the order (unless the product is listed as being on backorder OR lead time on product page states otherwise). We always ship via Priority Mail, which takes 2-3 business days for Domestic shipping. You should receive your USA domestic order within 7-10 days, though it often arrives earlier. International Customers please allow 12-14 days for delivery. Due to customs we cannot guarantee delivery by a certain date.

Are customs taxes included in my shipping charges?

UK customers where is my package?  No – We are not responsible for any country’s customs taxes and fees, nor are they incorporated in any way to the shipping costs. Please take this issue up with your government.  It is the customer’s responsibility to follow up on these matters.

Will my product be insured?

We only insure orders that are sent USPS Priority Mail up to $100 in total and have a US Domestic address. This cost is absorbed into your original shipping fee.  If you want more let me know what the cost will be.

Can I exchange or return my item?

Please email master4control@gmail.com for exchange and return inquiries, please include your order number in the request.  You have 7 days from receiving your item to resolve any return/exchange issues. Customized merchandise is final sale.

My product has a slight imperfection; is this refundable, or just part of the whole “handmade craft” thing?

One of our primary attractions in making hand-made wooden products is the charming idiosyncrasies inherent in working with a medium (trees) that is always changing. No single piece of wood looks like any other, and as such they are all perfectly imperfect! So the answer is yes – it’s a part of the whole hand-made craft thing. The world has many other avenues available to procure something that looks exactly like it does in the catalog, but fortunately our shop is not one of those avenues.  

Do you have a showroom?

We're sorry, we do not have a storefront or showroom. We do occasionally work trade shows where you can meet us personally and buy directly at our booth. We love meeting our customers face to face, so come on out and say hi if you can.   However due to safety and liability issues, we cannot have people dropping in to say hello.  However, you can see our portfolio here

Do you do custom work?

To keep our prices down and our service high we only offer customized products on Master Control's Woodshop, the rest is only featured on this web site.

I want to place an order with you but fear being added to postal mailing lists.

We don't do any postal mailing except for your actual orders. So you won't have to worry about receiving any kind of paper mail from us.

How do I cancel an order?

Once an order has been placed, it usually cannot be canceled or updated. Due to the streamlined nature of our processing, orders are sent immediately to shipping and we are usually unable to retrieve individual packages due to the high volume of orders.

In attempt to cancel or update your order, please send your request immediately after placing your order to us at master4control@gmail.com.

If a cancellation can be honored, store credit for the cancellation will be issued.

What is your policy regarding returns?

Click here to see our return and exchange policy.