Master Control Here is a little about Master Control's Woodshop & Toys, I get an enormous amount of joy from creating beautiful things. Initially there is huge excitement, and eventually the lovely glow of satisfaction and contentment that the creative process bring.

Then I got bored and start all over again with another project! My whole process of visualizing and creating from making a paddle to designing a new piece of furniture or a sign for a customer.

I was trained in the 90's as a Master in Spain, and learned soo much. You can read more at on my Fetlife page. So I decided to create things other than wood, leather and lexan items, like bags and clothing with designs I created. This website is a way of sharing my passion for creating beautiful things.

I hope you enjoy it. ~ Master Control

Master Control’s Woodshop & Toys is the home of hand-crafted, handmade of wood, leather and Lexan. Other words, known as ass destruction and other BDSM toys. Our first love is impact play, but there are so many other sensations to explore and ways to play with kink that we couldn’t stop at a few wooden paddles.

We’re kinksters like you! Everything on the shop is handmade so if you have a need or an idea you need created. Just let us know. Master Control will help you for he is a dominant, sadist, and has been a Daddy. Here we hope to share our love of simple, easy-to-use kinky playthings to add to your toy bag, whether you’re getting kinky at home or in your local dungeon.